In a shoe factory...

Today, there's a post I've been waiting for a long time on (in)significant Magazine. It's indeed a project I was working on since this summer. It started with a press release in my mail box that caught my eyes. It was about a certain Spanish brand called Zinda that I didn't know at that time. I had a look at it, loved it and then went on their website. When I saw their factory was based in Elche, I thought it was really close to where I was going on holiday a few days after and that I would love to discover what look like a shoe factory from the inside. The fact that it was made in Europe and from the finest quality, I thought it was worth a visit (H&M would have been much less interesting...). When I talked to them about my envy, they immediately accepted and I pushed the door of their factory a few days later.

I first went in their offices and showrooms. That's where I've noticed that two Spanish brands occupied the space: Zinda and Ras. I already loved Zinda by what I saw in the press release but gosh, Ras is so damn good (proof) ! A brand to be discovered for sure ! The boss was deciding on which shoes will be sending to which country. It was funny to see how the selection for Japan was different from the one for European countries (much more eccentricity for Japan of course). 

It was time then to have a look at the fabrication of a pair of shoes. It impressed me all way long. I had no idea a shoe asked for so much work ! I took tons of pictures and I captured some images in a video. You can discover it on (in)significant's youtube channel and more pictures and more informations about what is actually happening in a shoe factory can be found in my article on (in)significant Magazine

Anyway, I'm really glad I've discovered these two shoe brands. I've received my pair of Zinda's not a long time ago (that I showed you here) and it's so cool to have shoes that you have seen from your own eyes how they were made. 

I think it's the only time on this blog that I can assure you at 100% that it's the finest quality with the best materials. I saw it, step by step (and I wish I could see the manufacturing of every next pair of shoes I'll get now). A shoe takes so much time and preparation and you directly see it when you have a pair in hand.

I would like to thank Zinda and Ras' team for their kindness and for the great opportunity to make me discover what a familial factory made in Europe looks like. It was such an interesting visit.

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  1. très bon article ! comme on n'en voit peu et pourtant... :)