3 years

Back in the 6th of July 2010 when I started this blog. As for a lot of bloggers, I wanted to open mine, after surfing on million other blogs, with the envy to share my view of fashion. It's been so far, one of the best decision I've made. Thanks to my blog, I had the chance to meet incredible people, went to crazy events and discovered more about the fashion world. Beyond all of that, the most important thing to me is the opening of (in)significant magazine in October 2011 with my bloggers friends.
I have to say that I never "spread the word" about my blog in my environment. The fact to take myself in pictures is not really excpeting from me. And I must say, even after all these years, I'm still not comfortable with the fact to publish pictures of me (still non-photogenic at all :D)! I actually hesitated to close this blog a few times but as my passion for fashion has grown and won't go away anytime soon, fortunatelly I did not. But I want to change some little things around here. As I'm mostly concentred on (in)significant now, I want this blog to be more my little personal space on the internet. I want to start sharing snapshots of my daily life, working for the magazine, what's inspire me, my purchases,... I want it to be more like my personal fashion diary. I'm definitively not done to have my face everywhere on the internet but here are some of the outfits I posted and I like the most through the past years. I will sure continue to show you some of my outfits sometimes but I want this blog a little different, and I hope you will like it and continue this beautiful adventure with me.  Thanks for all your sweet comments!Thanks for these 3 amazing years!


  1. congrats! I love your blog! would you like to follow for a follow?

  2. Pas photogénique? Et puis quoi encore? ;-) T'es minouche comme tout!
    Bon anniversaire en tous cas! Contente que ça continue par ici!

  3. Joyeux anniversaire au blog de la meilleure partenaire depuis 3 ans ! On continuera de se tenir la jambe encore lgtps !