They are handsome

This year, I have no choice, I have to wear one-piece swimwear (operation, scars,... whatever, let's keep my internet world more glamourous than the real one). When I announced to my friends, with whom I' going on holidays in September, that I will have to be in one-piece this summer, they told me: "Oh it's so sexy, let's all be in one-piece" (if you spotted 3 - sexy - girls in one pieces this summer, probably in Corse or in the South of Italy, it might be us... Oh, wait, I said sexy, ok it's us!). I already found two at Primark (shown here) but as I think it's so sexy when you go on a spa therapy (I almost never go but that's a detail), I need more! I did some researchs and I decided to write an article on (in)significant magazine. My selection of one pieces for (in)significant it's over here: http://insignificant.be/archives/12962
 I'm dreaming of the Hervé Léger one, since I saw it on Trop Rouge, I think I need it in my life! And while doing my researchs for the article, I discovered the australian brand We are Handsome! I'm I.N. L.O.V.E with their collection for this summer called "The Crossing". All those animal prints are crazy.
As it's stay expensive for one summer and my rare spa therapy sessions, I found an alternative: this one piece from 3 Suisses I saw in the catalogue a few months back and which is now in sales!