3 days in NYC through my Iphone

View on the Flat iron building while eating an ice cream /
nap in Central Park on the first day / No doubt, we're in New York - NY Pepsi can
/ saw these Hoss Intropia booties on a window shop in Soho <3 and regret since I did not buy them!

Comme mon copain (qui est encore à Montréal #luckyy), a toutes les photos qu'on a prises quand j'étais là-bas sur son ordi, et que je ne pouvais plus attendre de partager avec vous mes aventures outre atlantique, voici quelques photos prises avec mon Iphone durant notre trip de 3 jours à New York.


As my boyfriend (who's still in Montreal, lucky him) has all the pictures we took when I was there on his compunter and as I couldn't wait any longer to share with you some of my journey's adventures, here are a several pics taken with my Iphone during our 3 days trip to NYC.

We went to the 11/9 Memorial, the construction of the new tower is almost done / Shopping by night on Times Square / The Ramones in our hotel room / The cutest Coca-Cola can
I HAD TO buy an "I love NY" tee! #tourist / Times Square again, I had never seen sth like that before / Sushi at Chelsea market #yum /
the boyfriend bought this t-shirt, still at Chelsea market (loved this place)


  1. You are so so lucky, I would love to visit NYC one day! And those Hoss Intropia boots are great, but no fear, they have Hoss Intropia stores in Belgium as well, don't they? I know there's one where I live, in Ghent!

  2. Ces boots Hoss Intropia sont just splendides !!! Je les veuuuxxx :D ! xxx

  3. Jolie sphotos, tout cela donne envie de voyager, s'évader ... et goûter aux joies de NY ;) !