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I love my blog. I really do. But there's one thing I've never really liked: the name of it. I remember in July 2010, after spending hours and hours on fashion blogs, I decided to create my own blog because I really wanted to start sharing my point of vue and to be part of the blogosphere. I already shooted my two first outfitpost and had plenty of ideas in mind for a long time so when I was in front of my computer, I coudln't wait more to start my own little fashion world on the internet. I wanted a name that shows that I was just a little Belgian girl without pretention. My outfits stay quite casual (compared to other people in fashion) and I wanted to proove that it was easy to be well-dressed with cheap clothes and that it was easy to be useful for causes we care (by my good deeds). Every name I was writing in the little box was taken! I lost my patience and end with a name I wasn't really enthousiastic about. But anyway, I was too excited about starting my blog! Until now, I can say I love my "blogger's life", I really enjoy sharing and discovering a lot of things with my readers but I wasn't happy with the name of my blog and really really wanted to change it! I took my decision a while ago but I had to find a new name (nice and not already taken -> difficult task). 

A week ago, I was with my friends and collaegues Eva, Axelle and Kathleen (you know, the (In)significant girls!) and we were eating at Wagamama (really nice place by the way!). I talked to them about my desire to change "so-simple-blog" and we spent the night proposing silly blog names. It was so much fun. I almost end up with "fashiontractor" or "fashioncountryside" (just to name a few). It was so much fun but it wasn't really helping me! When we had a few seconds of seriousness, we found some more interesting names. Axelle came up with "just a belgian closet". And I kept that in mind. It was all I wanted to say through my name: I share what's in my closet, without pretention and I'm from Belgium :D (too many people think I'm a French blogger and even if I love France I'm too Belgian for a confusion; you should hear my accent, my expressions and I do eat a lot of french fries). So we finally found my new name! I'm really excited since. I realise it's a big deal to change it now because everybody (well, the people who read my blog at least :p) knows me through "so simple blog" but I really feel better with "A Belgian Closet" for a lot of reasons.
Nothing else will change (maybe just a little in the presentation) but the blog will stay the same with my outfitposts, the star styles posts, the good deeds (I hope at least one of you already did one, if it's the case I would be so happy to know it so let me know ;)) ect. I'll continue to share my very cheap outfits, good deals, vintage finds,...

By reading this blog it's just like you're taking a look at my closet: what I want to add to it, what I already have, how I mix and match the pieces of it,... It's all my adventures and the ones of my closet (his life is fascinating, you'll see ;p).

Anyway I talk a lot but all you have to remember is:

* thanks for your support, I really appreciate sharing all of that with you and reading your comments. 

* everything you liked on "SoSimpleBlog" will stay the same because except the name, it will be the same reciepe with the same ingredients.

* I created a new facebook page! If you like my blog, you can like the page:

* You can add me as a friend (thanks to all the people who already did it, I still can't believe so many people add me everyday! Thanks a lot for that!) but instead of "Marie SoSImpleBlog" it's "Marie BelgianCloset"

*  I changed my name on twitter: It became "@BelgianCloset". 

* I'm on instagram: find me @belgiancloset

* new contact address: belgiancloset@hotmail.com (I'll keep the old one for a while tho: sosimpleblog@hotmail.fr).

I think that's all I had to tell you and for the ones who're still reading (thanks for that) I'll finish by telling you again how excited I am about starting a new adventure with a new name and cherry on the cake: I'll have a new camera in a week! Wich means: better photos for a better blog's name ;)
Thanks again for your support and let's start this new adventure!
Come back on www.belgiancloset.com to take a look at what's in a Belgian blogger's closet (crazy about clothes, shoes, bags,... it might be interesting for fashion lovers;))

(source images: weheartit)


  1. he mais je savais pas que tu avais changé le nom du blog !
    J'aime bien !!!!

  2. Super! tu ne fais que rendre ton blog plsu intéressant et le nom est canon! Belle continuation my love!

    PS: fashion tractor sounded good though :p

  3. Congratulations ! I have been thinking about changing my blog's name too, but still deciding on whether I should... Anyway good luck with your new blog, I know you'll do a great job !

    P.S : I'm following you on both twitter and fb now :)

  4. I think the name is great, and it defines you perfectly!! Congratulations!!! I´m in on this new adventure!!