river island SS12

I had a look at the spring summer collection of the british fashion brand River Island and I loved it! The first thing that caught my eyes in the collection was: THE BOYS!!!!! You must think that's not a good reason to like a collection but before judging, have a look at the pictures below...

So, we agree right? :D
The clothes and the pictures of the campaign are (also) very beautiful and it just makes me want to be in Miami, wearing the gorgeous clothes and hanging out with the boys... Let's imagine!

I know I'm a fashion blogger, I'm supposed to show you properly the collection and it's not on the pictures above that we can really see what RI has for us this summer... 
The collection is amazing tho: there's a lot of hippie pieces, pop colors, crazy sneakers, pin-up swimsuits,... 
Here are some outfits I like a lot: 
 I guess that if I would go shopping like that, I would have more boys like the RI's ones around... 
Oh, speaking about them again, don't you think this one on the picture seems to be saying: "So, baby, are you coming? Our flight to Miami is waiting for us".

"Yeah I'm coming but first I get dressed..." (a boy who's dating a fashion blogger must know every outfit is a new challenge and a new adventure to look fabulous and it can takes time... whoever the boy's waiting!). This outfit would be perfect:
"... and I've noticed you have a lot of luggage, that's great coz I still have some pieces that would be perfect to take to our summer trip!"

I can't wait for the holidays!!! 

In the meantime, my wardrobe will be very happy to welcome those gorgeous summer pieces by RI... and about me, it gives me the time to find out a way to be invited to Miami and to find RI boys'look-alikes... (and maybe to come back to earth?:P) :D


  1. Ca donne envie de soleil toutes ces couleurs :)

  2. Haha j'adore ! La collection est canon

  3. nice. xx

    p.s. I'm having a shoe giveaway if you'd like to check it out. :)